Request for Input: Storing Searches

Aleksander Machniak machniak at
Thu Sep 29 10:20:02 CEST 2011

A few more thoughts to discussion.

1. About pre-populating and sharing. Imagine user A which searches in
shared folder Folder1 to which he has access. Pre-populating means
contacts will be copied to new saved-search folder, right? Now, user A
gives access to his saved-search to user B, but user B has no access to
Folder1. This way non-admin user can get around ACL in one simple move.
Of course he could also copy the contacts to owned folder and share it,

2. About sharing and usability. Let's say we have a hundred users and
all have at least one (his own) saved-search shared with others. I'm one
of them, do I really need to see a list of hundred saved-searches? I
don't. Do you plan to use folder subscriptions to limit displayed items?

3. Another thing. Creation of saved-search as IMAP folder will limit
possibility to create generic folder with the same name.

4. Of course 2. and 3. concern also other folder types like contact or
event, but I can imagine that users will produce more saved-searches
than other type folders, or maybe not.

5. If we decide to create folders for saved-searches consider creation
of specific folder type for them, e.g.
/vendor/kolab/ This will simplify listing of
folders (and saved-searches).

All in all I think it would be much simpler and clearer to get rid of
sharing and prepopulating features from the spec. ;) I thought the main
idea was to share searches acros client software. Maybe we're going to
overact the feature to much.

Nothing new in this subject, just wanted to express my opinion.

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