NEW KEP: KEP #15: Saved searches and sharing searches across all clients

Georg C. F. Greve greve at
Tue Sep 6 16:23:03 CEST 2011

Dear all,

Based on a very intensive and fruitful discussion about some of the underlying 
conceptual ideas, which I am equally sure several people have by now stopped 
following, I have tried to put together some of the conceptual pieces that 
seemed to find the most echo and the least concern into something that will 
hopefully be a good intermediate point for the discussion to work out the last 
conceptual glitches and gotchas, as well as drill down into some implications.

Not all concepts in this are expected to survive this discussion. Some new 
concepts may be introduced, but this draft should already have the basic 
working of making searches saveable and storable both in query and results 
across multiple clients and users, as well as provide conceptual compatibility 
with Akonadi, which underpins the most complex client thus far.

You can find the (still incomplete) first draft at

	KEP #15: Saved searches and sharing searches across all clients

and your comments would be very welcome.

Some open points are still marked as open, such as the question of the query 
language, and one imported puzzle piece contributed by Jeroen is still 
missing, which is the LDAP queries for address book entries, but I believe 
this can be included on the grounds of the mechanism outlined reusing the 
'original' annotation to link back to the correct LDAP entry.

The reason this was not yet added is that I am not yet entirely sure where to 
place this, as there may be other special cases, as well, e.g. incorporating 
third party iCal feeds, or online documents into the search results. So it may 
warrant its own section.

In any case, this will hopefully provide a start and your feedback is welcome, 
ideally in concrete proposals on how to improve/change/restructure things.

Best regards,

Georg C. F. Greve
Chief Executive Officer

Kolab Systems AG
Zürich, Switzerland

e: greve at
t: +41 78 904 43 33

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