Kolab XML Format: The xCal/xCard based approach

Christian Mollekopf mollekopf at kolabsys.com
Wed Nov 23 15:14:37 CET 2011

On Wednesday 23 November 2011 14.36:16 Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> Am Tuesday, 15. November 2011 13:32:02 schrieb Christian Mollekopf:
> > Therefore I propose to switch to an xCal based format for events and
> > todos and to xCard for contacts. xCal/xCard specify complete
> > calendars/address-books in XML, while we only need single
> > incidences/contacts. My proposed solution would look along the lines of
> I think it will be harder to maintain our format as a subset of existing
> standard and create a better groupware experience than the majority.
> The data format is central, strategically I think keeping our ability
> to act without going through many hops is a large plus.

Note that we can still extend the format almost arbitrarily with the extension 
mechanisms of xCal/xCard (so called "x- properties"). IMO there is little 
value in our own format, because there is no client which would support kolab 
specific values. So we can just selectively add values to the kolab format 
which are already existing in iCal => the kolab format is essentially already 
a subset of iCal/vCard (respectively their XML representation).

With my best regards,
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