Use of TZID in invitations (Re: Basic rationale of the KEP #2 design)

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Mon Mar 21 13:21:49 CET 2011

On Tuesday 15 March 2011 15.24:39 Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> I start to wonder now how other clients deal with these invitations.

I think the first question is whether such invitations actually exist.

Most clients seem to allow users to select from existing, real time zones, and 
I have not yet seen clients which allow users to define arbitrary time zones on 
top of the existing ones - probably because this is not an often requested 

*IF* such a thing exists, I'd be glad for pointers.

> Saving the original VTIMEZONE data seems to be the only good way to stay
> compatible with iTIP. Maybe we should add something like an
> <original-vtimezone> tag to cater for those cases? I mean all client
> already must have the ability to parse and interpret VTIMEZONE if they aim
> for iTIP compliance.

The question is whether we're catering to an actual use case, or just 
introducing bulk for no gain. In the end, if we decided to cater to static 
storage of time zone information, the better approach would probably be to do 
this in the form of an explicit cache, which is filled by the initial VTIMEZONE 
data, and only updated if clients know/recognize the time zone.

Otherwise the time zone ID could be set to a special value, e.g. "CUSTOM".

But as I said before, first I'd like to know whether there is an actual use 
case for this in the wild.

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