Pre-KEP Request for Input: Storage of categories & colors

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Fri Jun 17 12:54:02 CEST 2011

Am Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011 19:34:20 schrieb Georg C. F. Greve:
> coordinate the colors of categories for different clients, in particular
> between Kontact and the web client.

I agree the user story is useful:
  When I configure a color in one client for something, 
  I want my other clients to use that color by default after the next sync.

There are two main sources of colors right now: 
a) resources (mostly folders, but can also be showing tasks or birthday)
b) categories

> We currently do not have storage for categories outside the objects, which
> means there is no obvious place for color storage.

> 	* Where to store this information?
> 		This seems to boil down to a question of
> 			extended annotation VS special IMAP object type?

Yes, this is a general question for other configuration items as well
on several levels:

My last posts on the issue as far as I could find them were:
a) on imap vs annotations. And towards using XML as a format:
b) on "Where to store different configurations"
   look at the end for one more elaborate idea.

> 	* What else should we take into account?

There are or might be other user stories as well, that we should consider.

For instance:
 +) I want to share my categories with others.
 +) If I assign a color to a category or a folder, I want others
    to get this color by default as well.
 +) when I get several color from objects of others and they clash with my
    other colored items, I want the liberty to override them with my color
 +) I am using Kolab Clients with different purposes and I want different
    colors in them, e.g. red for alert appointments in my work laptop, 
    but green for them in my home pc.

Especially the sharing of of objects and the ability to have several devices 
which provide a different view on the same data, is making this problem 

We should collect all use cases that we can in order to make sure we are not 
cutting a few nice an innovative ones out.

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