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Sun Aug 28 18:48:29 CEST 2011

Hi Thomas,

On Sunday 28 August 2011 15.08:05 Thomas Koch wrote:
> Who should search for what and why should what be saved? Is it about
> performance (caching search results) or about sharing the query strings?
> What about privacy issues with shared query strings? I think it would help
> if you'd really describe it in terms of "User wants ..."

My apologies. Sometimes when you've spent a certain amount of time thinking 
about an issue some things may seem obvious even when they're not.

The use case here is that users want to search through their data set for any 
kind of object (including address books, calendars) and save their searches 
for later re-use, e.g. have a saved search "Show me all calendar entries that 
take place in Germany from this set of calendars."

So it is about storing what needs to be searched, potentially how it needs to 
be searched, and to make the subsequent searches as efficient as possible, this 
should be sharable between different clients, as well as different users if they 
choose to give each other access to such saved searches.

Is it clearler now?

Best regards,

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