How to conclude KEP2 for good

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Florian v. Samson wrote:
> Jeroen,
> Am Montag, 4. April 2011 um 20:19:22 schrieb Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab
> Systems):
> > One is not tied in with the other.
> Oh, I did believe so as well as couple of months ago, but meanwhile for me
> (and Georg) it became apparent, that choosing UTC in (2a) needs embedding
> TZ-data in (1d).  ["DST assumption" was Georg's term, though it is more
> than that as Bernhard depicted: "The TZ-data/-definition used for the
> calculation of UTC date-times".]

Too bad that the assumption Georg made is faulty to begin with. When storing 
UTC, there is no "DST Assumption" just like there is no UTCWND or UTCWSD - 
this terminology has been made up to confuse and justify the argument and 
bears no weight at all.

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