Recurring events with timezone

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Thu Oct 28 19:37:16 CEST 2010

Hi Tobias,

On Thursday 28 October 2010 18.47:24 Tobias König wrote:
> I'm not familiar with the recurrence rules of the kolab format, but with
> ICal one can specify quite sophisticated exceptions. So a german kolab
> client could split the above event into the two events: [...]
> The question is how complex these DST rules are in the various country and
> if kolab format supports to express them as exceptions.

Thank you for the explanation.

Considering that DST rules are ugly, this sounds fragile to me, to be honest.

> The other clients (not the creator) just add their local DST offset to get
> the local time. The time of the event is bound to the creators timezone,
> right?

Almost. A user should be able to set the time zone to which this event is 
sticky. That COULD be the user's time zone. It could be another.

> I'm not working on the calendaring part, so I can't really comment on what
> would fit best. But since we have a good timezone/date library, both
> conversions should be possible for us.

Alright. Do you think you could identify the right person working on Kontact 
to take a look at this and tell us whether they have a preference?

It would be annoying to agree on a solution and then hear back from the person 
working on this code in Kontact that this is the absolutely worst to 

Best regards,

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