Recurring events with timezone

Hendrik Helwich h.helwich at
Thu Oct 28 15:32:26 CEST 2010

Hi Georg,

Am Donnerstag, 28 Oktober 2010 13:33:41 schrieb Georg C. F. Greve:
> Hi Hendrik,
> Thanks for the information.
> I don't think it is sensible to assume that no change will be forthcoming
> just because it did not happen instantaneously.
> A format is something that must be handled conservatively, and with enough
> time to allow everyone to think the issues through. There is at least one
> more person who asked for a little more time as they're right now too busy,
> but I know they'll want to look at this and give their input.

i am glad to hear that you are thinking this tz problem through and that an 
adaption of the kolab format might come someday. So this discussion was not 
for nothing :-)
I understand that changes to a format must be well thought trough. I did not 
wanted to hustle someone to a solution.
We just need to act now because of time limits given by our customer.
But we like to follow the progress on the kolab format tz issue and if it is 
possible it would be very great for us to get noticed (maybe over this 
mailing list?) about the state of this kolab format tz issue if it 

> The Kolab format has always been specified by reference implementation, for
> which Kontact & the Toltec 2 connector have been the original reference
> implementations for some time. So at the moment only what is compatible to
> these is an actual Kolab client, although that may change in future
> revisions.

I understand this. From a developers view who wants to create a new kolab 
client it would be great to have this reference implementation in the form of 
a standard library which api can be used to handle the kolab format. But i do 
not want to start a new discussion here :-)

> We'll of course take your derivation from the Kolab format into account
> when we make the change to address the gap you identified, but cannot
> promise that we will follow it. I am aware that if Kolab compatibility was
> the goal of the project, you may unfortunately end up with an unfulfilled
> project objective.

We did not expect to get a 100% compatibility between two different formats 
but the timezone issue is one of the most problematic parts for us. So we are 
glad if you take our kolab tz concept into account and create a solution 
which considers all the different perspectives and needs of the involved 

> That said, I do understand that you are under time pressure and had to make
> a call. So no ill feelings exist on our side. For the future I'd suggest to
> plan and budget time and resource for upstream interaction for any such
> project.

you are right this would be great. Unfortunately in practice its often not 
We also have no bad feelings about this discussion. Its just a normal process 
of an open source project i think. It is good to hear that the discussion is 
going on :-)

Best regards


> With best regards,
> Georg

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