Recurring events with timezone

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Am Montag, 11. Oktober 2010 15:25:43 schrieb Andrew McMillan:
> > So the question is: What would be the right way of treating it?
> The right way is to leave the decision to the person creating the event,

True, there are a few cases that only the person creating the event can know.

> allowing them to include a timezone identifying the local time of the
> event.  They might then say that the local time zone is "UTC" if that is
> what they want.  The use of UTC in this way seems to be a more common
> approach for fairly geeky groups, but my own experience suggests that
> teleconferences involving higher level managers generally seem to be
> scheduled in someone's local timezone.

I believe UTC was mentioned in the discussion for the storage only.
Kolab Clients will display the stored time in the configured time zone.

> > Storage in UTC, as before, with an additional field that defines the
> > behaviour for DST? I could envision such a field to define that an event
> > (a) stays with UTC, or that (b) it stays synchronous with local time zone
> > X.

There is a third case that I darkly remember: Floating local timezone.
(Currently we do not support it.) Example: Do your excercises at eight in the 
morning, no matter where you are.

> The generally accepted standard is to use iCalendar, which every
> calendaring program that I know of supports for import/export, and which
> is almost always used for interoperability (e.g. iTIP/iMIP messaging)
> and regularly used as the basis for designing the program's internal
> representation.

During the Kolab 2 designing years, we felt a number of limitations by this 
approach. iCalendar is fine for exchange, but from it onla a common small 
subset of functions works and you need more.

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