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Hi Hendrik,

sorry for the delayed response.

Zitat von Hendrik Helwich <h.helwich at>:

> Hi,
> i need to convert an iCalendar (from evolution) to the kolab format. It is
> possible to create a recurring event in evolution which has a start and end
> time in a timezone which is different to UTC. I think this is a reasonable
> configuration.
> In the kolab format it is only allowed to store time in UTC format [1].
> Because of the summer and winter time i think it is not possible to convert
> such an iCalendar to the kolab format (the UTC start and end time would
> change over time).
> How can i handle this problem?

I don't see a direct limitation there. The conversion to UTC is  
certainly possible and valid while you are doing it to and from one  
timezone. I see a problem once you are looking at the same event with  
a client in a different timezone.

And to be honest I believe there are still some significant problems  
when it comes to timezones on the Kolab server.

But maybe you can detail what the exact problem that you are having  
with the conversion is.

I could imagine that you might also be able to solve your specific  
problem by adding a custom attribute to the event XML.



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> Hendrik
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