KEP 2: Modification of datetime type, introduction of 'tz' sub-tag

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Mon Nov 22 18:30:26 CET 2010

Hi Hendrik,

On Monday 22 November 2010 16.54:06 Hendrik Helwich wrote:
> i wanted to say that i dont think it is a good way to adapt the
> specification  if some clients do not stick to it.

When you notice an incongruency between clients and specification, that is 
indeed true. In this case, the reference clients have the same level of 
authority, and behave inconsistently to the specification.

In other words: You have two sources of identical authority in contradiction.

So one of them needs to be adjusted to the other, and my thought was to make 
that change as uninvasive as possible. So if all clients already know RFC3339, 
the change of the spec would be the simpler solution. If one client cannot do 
this for some reason, all other clients need to adjust.

FWIW: We fully agree that it is suboptimal to have to do this re-aligning ex-
post, but it does not change the fact that it needs to be done.

One reason for starting the KEP process was also to communicate and document 
these things in more detail for the future, to have a reference library that 
we can all refer to.

Building that and some interoperability testing based upon it will take some 
time, but is definitely something we are planning to do as the Kolab ecosystem 

Best regards,

Georg C. F. Greve
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Zürich, Switzerland

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