Timezone / recurrence scheduling discussion for Kolab

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Nov 4 17:44:39 CET 2010

On Wednesday 03 November 2010 16:41:58 Hendrik Helwich wrote:
> my suggestion is to add an optional timezone XML element. The start and end
> time of an event could anyway be stored in UTC format. If the timezone
> element is available, the start and end time of the event could be
> transformed in a local time with the stored timezone information. If the
> timezone element is missing, the UTC timezone will be used.
> So this would be compatible with the old format.
> With a missing timezone element it will have the same semantic like in the
> old format. 

Sounds better than using two subrecurrances, as explained in my post
a few minutes ago. Now we need to know how that XML element would look

> If the timezone element is available and a recurring event does
> not cross a DST border, it also would be shown correctly in clients which
> only support the old format version.

This is not correct, though as long as DST deltas are the same and on the same 
day, it will even work across DST borders. (Also explained in my post a few 
minutes ago.) To be compatible with other clients, your client will have to 
implement that behaviour that Tobias and Joon explained.

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