UPDATE: KEP 2: Modification of datetime type: introduction of 'tz' attribute (revision #10739)

Georg C. F. Greve greve at kolabsys.com
Sun Dec 19 19:46:26 CET 2010

Hi all,

I have to thank Hendrik and Joon for keeping discussing the UTC issue, because 
they made me realize that there is one more use case for which the problem 
exists, and we probably just never caught it because it is fairly esoterical, 
and when it happens would be discarded as "odd freaky behaviour I cannot 
explain but since it did not occur again, I'll forget about it."

The issue is explained here:


The root cause of the issue and the reason noone caught this before is that we 
all tend to see UTC as unambiguous and universal, because that is what it was 
designed to be and what we were told it is. But from the perspective of 
someone living in a DST regime, it is in fact quite ambiguous:


Fortunately this is fairly easily resolved if we simply always store in UTC 
calculated from standard time, and let DST calculations do their job when 

But it means that *all* events should switch to "UTC calculated from standard 
time for the target time zone" - even the non-recurring ones, and even the 
creation and modification timestamps, provided we want them guaranteed 

But naturally it is totally possible that all this has my brain in knots, so 
better take a look at the latest version, which you can find here:


Comments to kolab-format@, as usual, please.

Best regards,

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