RFC: KEP3: Introduction of 'subevent' sub-tag for 'exclusion' from 'recurrence' (revision #10661)

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Fri Dec 10 16:17:14 CET 2010

Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
> Hi Alain,
> On Monday 06 December 2010 21.36:54 Alain Abbas wrote:
> > but it s more simple to process all at the same level for alghorithm as
> > subevent Poom model in active sync is like that and the object model in
> > outlook i think too if the deletion is in the same tag you have just a
> > loop and a test . if there are at different level you must have 2 loops
> > with the risk of error if a date is in the exclusion and in the subevent
> > too
> I must say this defeats my expectation of how this would work practically.
> Normally I'd parse XML through one of the parsers, which would give me a
> tree structure in memory. From that came the expectation that a check
> 	if ( exception.subevent != null) { // treat as deletion
> would be as simple as
> 	if ( exception.delete == 1) { // treat as deletion
> Help, anyone? How do others see this?

I don't see the problem as Alain perceives it to exist, but I think I do have 
a clue as to what he means.

Alain Abbas wrote:
> <event>
> ...
>    <recurrence>
>    ...
>      <exclusion>date1
>        <subevent>
>          <start-date>date</start-date>
>          <deleted>1</deleted>
>        </subevent>
>      </exclusion>
>    </recurrence>
> </event>

The "<deleted/>" that would not have to exist, because;

- The datetime in the <exclusion /> already establishes which occurence is 
being altered,
- If the occurence is to be deleted, or skipped, there would be no <subevent 

Ergo, a deleted occurence would look like this;

And if the following occurence where to be modified;




In code, this would mean that the list of exclusions will need to be iterated, 
one by one - I think that may be what Alain is referring to.

Kind regards,

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