KEP 2: Modification of datetime type, introduction of 'tz' sub-tag

Hendrik Helwich h.helwich at
Wed Dec 8 17:26:51 CET 2010

Hi Gunnar,

Am Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010 22:33:45 schrieb Gunnar Wrobel:
> [..]
> Still I can imagine that people might actually keep a system without
> updates for years. "Never change a running system" is sensible after
> all.
> *But* ... if this is causing problems then it can be easily fixed by
> updating the problematic system. Static information on DST in the
> format would mean that you could only fix the problem by trying to fix
> problematic events in the Kolab IMAP storage. This is *way* harder and
> nothing you want to go into.

you are right, this would be complex and not very satisfying. But i still 
think it could be problematic to use timezone informations which is sperad in 
different databases on the diverse possible kolab client systems.

What do you think about adding a time zone database to the kolab server 
Kolab clients could get time zone informations from a central authority. 
Through this it could be assured that all clients have the same time zone 
data to calculate the shown times with. Also it could be assured that the 
time zone information for all clients is always up to date.

Best regards,


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