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Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Thu Feb 5 19:22:56 CET 2009

Hi Till,

> So I see three options, which I'd like your feedback on, dear interested
> 1) leave things as is, and don't bother
> 2) implement the ical approach of a timezone description that is shipped
> 3) come up with a standard timezone id format and map to local/native
representations on the client

Simplest solution would be to keep the time in UTC and create and optional
field "associated-timezone". In this you put the time zone information you
want to associate with this calendar event. Clients can the decide how to
display the information, but as the information itself is can be safely
ignored there will be no impact on current clients.

If would suggest that we have a timezone offset to UTC preceding any TZID we
end up choosing so that clients do not rely on specific databases.

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