[Kolab-devel] RFC: Format proposal for time tracking data

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Fri Jul 4 10:00:21 CEST 2008


On Thursday 03 July 2008 07:29, Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
> Absolutely. That is the main reason why I posted this. I would like to
> have at least one other candidate application that might have a chance
> of implementing this in the forseeable future.

yes, this should we a criteria for uptake in a regular released Kolab Storage 
Format spec I would say. 

> > Clients like "worklog" (which I use for timetracking) or KArm and
> > whatever people use on Windows/Outlook.
> I checked KArm (which has been renamed to KTimeTracker for KDE4.0) and
> I believe it has the necessary potential to become another Kolab
> client app for time tracking. It integrates with Korganizer and can be
> used as a plugin in Kontact. That sounds good to me.
> http://wiki.kde.org/ktimetracker
> I'll have a look at this and will check what type of data it
> generates.

Very cool! As you've liked the wiki, opening a page up there would
be cool as well. ;)

> "worklog" did not see any development over the past four years if I'm
> not mistaken. And as it is also a web app I guess it would be easier
> to cover that ground with Horde.

I am using worklog for a couple of reasons and what is important is that our 
format should not just be completed guided by the current implementations and 
their formats, but by an analysis of the problem at hand, which includes the 


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