IMAP annotation for groupware folder descriptions

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Wed Sep 26 08:12:44 CEST 2007

"Joon Radley" <joon at> writes:

> Hi Martin,
>> Well, even if you cannot upload arbitrary annoations to the server it
>> does not prevent you from uploading the individual mails/objects.
> ..
>> What about an "unknown" or "other" keyword in order to allow for this.
>> It would then be the duty of the client to do the mapping e.g. using a
>> "hidden"  mail message.
> Then a format rule has to be created for this as some clients might display
> the "hidden" message and allow it to be deleted. 
> The only minor issue is that now there will be two different ways to
> identify he content type of a folder. 
> Should we just move completely to the hidden message solution and avoid all
> the issue with the annotation database and the fact that it seems that the
> annotation extension will not be widely adopted by other IMAP4 servers and
> only partially by Cyrus?

The draft for the METADATA extension has not seen progress in the last
five months
but I had the impression that it will have a better standing once it
is published as RFC. I'd wager it wouldn't be too hard to add the
extension to the newer dovecot. It seems to have nice plugin support.
At the moment I believe that the METADATA extension is no dead end.

But concerning the original Outlook issue: Does Outlook really create
new annotation types? This is the only thing that the newer Cyrus does
not permit. It does allow to use arbitrary values within
/vendor/kolab/folder-type. It just prevents you from creating
/vendor/outlook/myfancyannotation without declaring it first (this
makes also sense because the METADATA extension draft would in
principle require you to declare the new annotation type with IANA).



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