Declaring a new folder type for Horde preferences (was: [Kolab-devel] IMAP annotation for groupware folder descriptions)

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Wed Sep 26 07:32:15 CEST 2007

Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at> writes:

> * Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at> [20070919 09:53]:
>> Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at> writes:
>> > * Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at> [20070918 23:33]:
>> >> If you use MySQL as the Horde backend it is trivial to support the
>> >> description feature and there will be users using it. So I doubt that
>> >> it will be removed. It has already existed a long time and has
>> >> actually always been "supported" by the Kolab driver within Horde
>> >> (even the old broken ones). The use of
>> >> "/vendor/kolab/h-share-attr-desc" originates from the older driver
>> >> versions.
>> >
>> > That's why I'd prefer /vendor/horde/something ... even if other
>> > clients will implement it, they will be compatible with this horde
>> > feature here.
>> Ah, forgot to comment on that. While the wording in the Kolab format
>> specification at
>> is
>> rather vague about this topic I assume that the intention of the
>> paragraph on client specific annotations means that Horde should use
>> "/vendor/kolab/h-*" for its specific features. 
> Citing the page:
>   All folders MUST be annotated with an entry
>   /vendor/kolab/folder-type containing the attribute value.shared
>   set to: <type>[.<subtype>]
>   For other client-specific non standardized types of folders, these
>   MUST be prefixed with "k-" for KMail, "h-" for Horde, "o-" for
>   Outlook with the Toltec Connector and "ok-" for Outlook with the
>   KONSEC Konnektor. E.g. "kolab.o-voicemail".
> So this h- thing is only meant for the value of the
> /vendor/kolab/folder-type annotation and can be ignored for our
> question.

As mentioned in my other mail, I misunderstood the sentence but now
that I read it again and hopefully understood it :) I would like to
use the new folder type named


>From the example given in the Kolab format description I'm not
absolutely certain if this should rather be


In any case this folder type will be used to store client preferences,
specifically the Horde preferences. So far Horde used the Kolab LDAP
tree for that but this led to the known problems of including the
Horde LDAP schema in the Kolab server. There were also problems with
the Kolab web admin when using the LDAP based preference system. In
addition it is probably not the most appropriate storage location
since the preferences in Horde are bound to be changed rather often
while a user works in Horde.

As a consequence I would like to store the Horde preferences in a
dedicated "Preferences" folder on the IMAP server.

A draft patch for that would be ready and works fine:

So my main question is if it okay to declare this new folder type.

This would of course mean that I'd feel tempted to continue declaring
more folders types such as h-links, h-filter, h-bugs, etc. These all
represent existing Horde applications that simply need storage space
(other than the default SQL storage). But I think I remember there was
some opposition concerning the idea of storing additional data types
on the server :)

Waiting for comments!



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