event XML 1.1 (fix recurrances)

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Fri Jan 26 00:09:33 CET 2007

Am Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2007 14:32 schrieb Gerd v. Egidy:

Hi Gerd,

> >     <inline-attachment>(string, no default)</inline-attachment>
> >     <link-attachment>(string, no default)</link-attachment>
> Why is just one attachment allowed in a subevent? Event allows n
> attachments, both elements are enclosed in { }.

Of course you are correct. This was an editorable mistake on my side. I 
incorporated the fix.

Please note that the definition of attachments may change with a new 
definition of <body>.

> > - one or more <subevent> entries are only allowed if a <recurrence> is
> > present in the primary <event>.

> I think this is a leftover from the previous draft.

Exactly! I removed it now.

> I still (see my mail from 2006-12-07) think that we need to think about
> <body> to match the features of Outlook 2000-2007 (as seems to be the goal
> and is explicitly written in your mail). Outlook can store html-like rich
> text with positioned attachments in its body while we just allow plain
> text.

I added this as a note to the current draft. Actually I have the impression 
that the position of attachments is not always preserved in OL.

Joon: Can you provide some insight here?

-- martin

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