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Thu Feb 8 15:50:50 CET 2007

On Thursday 08 February 2007 07:16, Martin Konold wrote:
> "Strings in Kolab XML are standard XML strings."

Fine to me, but it also seems superfluous to some extend.

> "categories (xml string, default "") - The categories is a comma separated
> list of xml strings. The separator character ',' is dissallowed in the name
> of a category."

Excluding the ',' seems fine to me as well, 
it looks like a restriction introduced by implementations.
Again, the "xml strings" is superfluous to me.

> Joon, David: There are more Kolab Clients than KDE Kontact and
> Outlook/Toltec including the upcoming webclient. 

I believe it is fine to slowly improve the format, 
but we should have good reasonable use cases.

> E.g. I get asked by the webclient developer for clarifications/improvements.

By which one? 
I would appreciate if those developers would directly ask their questions
and participate on this list. 
Martin, can you help to convince them?


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