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Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Mon Sep 11 19:46:30 CEST 2006

Hi Till,

Outlook contacts can have 3 addresses stored of type business, home, other,
with the option to set an address as a mailing address. The last option to
indicate that the address is a mailing address was never incorporated in the
original Kolab-XML as it was not supported by older clients.

As for free-form addresses, this is not really supported by Outlook. A lot
of plug-ins for mass mailing, CRM, etc. uses the fields.

What we can do is add the "This is a mailing address" option to the current
"<address>" structure, or you can create a custom field that Outlook/Toltec
will preserve, but ignore.

I will have a look at it again in the morning, after a big cup of coffee, to
make sure I did not miss something here.

Best regards

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> Folks,
> I have a bug report against the KDE client asking for support 
> for P.O. 
> Boxes in addresses. Since this does not appear to be in the 
> current spec, is there a reason for that, such as a 
> limitation of Outlook that I'm unaware of? Can we just add it?
> On a side note, it might be wise to allow free-form addresses 
> as well, what with the many, many variations that are needed 
> in various parts of the world.
> Till
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