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Martin Konold martin.konold at
Wed Sep 6 09:50:13 CEST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 16. August 2006 16:21 schrieb Joon Radley:

Hi Joon,

sorry for my late reply. I just returned from my holidays.

> > E.g. an enterprise bulletin board kind of usage scenario
> > offering languages like Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, German and
> > English. Typical contents could be official global management
> > announcments like corporate identity statements etc.

> I live in a country with 11 official languages and even we
> do not have a need for this.

I propose to not further continue with my proposol currently as I lack the 
urgent need currently. (In the future I can imagine that such an optional 
feature could be handy though)

-- martin

Erlewein, Frank, Konold & Partner - Beratende Ingenieure und Physiker

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