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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Tue Oct 17 12:39:40 CEST 2006

Hi Everybody,

during the Proko2 contract (=project) we did not complete and test
the envisioned attachment functionality for groupware objects, like
tasks, contacts, appointments between clients.

Now that we are correcting the Kontact implementation [2],
we found an inconsistency in our understanding of the spec.
This is about (see spec [1])
	inline-attachment (string, no default)
	link-attachment (string, no default)

Joon wrote [3]:
>     The inline-attachment tag was supposed to be removed from the
> specifications. When everybody was working on it we found that some
> attachements did not have names, so what is the purpose of the field if it
> only listed part of the attachemens.

I only found a post on kolab-format from September 2004 [4].
Joon, you did agree with the proposal way back:

> > I propose we do these two:
> > 
> > <inline-attachment>filename</inline-attachment>
> > <link-attachment>URL</link-attachment>
> > 
> > Where the first is the current behaviour and the second 
> > contains a valid URL.
> This sound fine. AFAIK Outlook does support referenced attachments, but I
> will need to spend some time on this to make sure. If not or I cannot make
> it fit, I will just preserve the tag.

Does somebody remember some followup discussion?
Joon: Are there technical reasons to not just give each attachment a name
when you transform the Outlook object into a Kolab-XML format?



[2] (Attachements in Tasks and
 	Events (Outlook vs. Kontact))
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