Handling of private/confidential groupware objects

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Jan 23 09:58:14 CET 2006

Hi Martin,
thanks for writing down your proposal in another way!
I understood more aspects of it, like
that an event is stored partly in the public and partly in the hidden folder.

(It does not mean I endorse your proposal,
but I am also interested in a solution and this means
getting to understand the possibilities.)

Am Freitag, 13. Januar 2006 03:03 schrieb Martin Konold:
> The hidden folder hierarchy
> is always only accessable to the owner of the mailbox (no sharing). 

This cannot be guarenteed as long as clients can set the ACL
of all the folders. A user _could_ set the ACL of the hidden folder
differently. Or do you think that we should add more protection
to the imapd implementation then?


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