Handling of private/confidential groupware objects

Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Wed Feb 15 14:07:07 CET 2006

Hi Martin,

> > I find it strange that you want to continue to push this 
> solution as 
> > no-one else except you think that it is a good idea.
> Has anyone ever provided a better idea?

The absence of other ideas still does not make this a good idea. 

The problem must be resolved on the server and not the client. The
introduction of two modifications to the IMAP4 and ACL standards will
resolve the problem. Introduce a /private flag to the APPEND command and a
p(I think this is not taken) to the ACL extension to manage access to
messages flagged as private.

The Kolab project can introduce a draft for this. It is simple and should
not be a major exercise to implement (might be wrong). As this is a growing
issue it will be a benefit to the whole IMAP4 community.

Again the problem should be solved at the source and not the end point.

> > You should create a separate document and include it in your 
> > architecture documentation. This does not pertain to the Kolab-XML 
> > format and should not be included as part of the format 
> specification.
> Yes, I agree. I think it is up to the clients (and their 
> customers) if the feature is considered good/important.

The feature is very important and a major issue for all the solution
providers. Still it is not a format problem, but a access issue.

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