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Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Fri Aug 18 10:24:37 CEST 2006

Hi Bernhard,

> > The only problem with introducing this in the Toltec 
> Connector is that 
> > older versions of Outlook either does not know about this 
> event id or 
> > does not manage it correctly. Implementing this is the current 
> > software may/will beak support for Outlook 2000/2002/XP/2003SP1.
> Does this mean that with those mentioned older versions of 
> Outlook, the internal dataformat of Outlook looses the sense 
> of connection between those two objects (1 recurrence object 
> 2. moved single event).
> If they still have a connection then you could use the 
> recurrence id only for the Kolab-XML format?

The problem comes in with object fragmentation. The Outlook GUI just does
not understand the relationship between the objects and any modifications
made by the user to the series as a whole will be lost. How to communicate
this between clients that see the object as a whole and those that do not?
The only model I could see was a kind of recursive object synchronization
and even with this the objects will still fragment.

To explain fragmentation ... As the Kolab-XML object is downloaded to a
client that does not incorporate internally the recurrence and exception
algorithms in the object, the connector will have to create new objects to
represent unsupported exceptions and recurrences. Even though they are
linked by the Kolab-XML recurrence ID the GUI will still treat them as
atomic and unrelated objects. Rebuilding the Kolab-XML you will need to pull
all the fragment together and in some way try and merger the changes. This
process is not simple and may introduce more exceptions and recurrences in
the Kolab-XML object. Which when it hits the non-supporting client again
will create more fragmentation. Managing the fragments will become a major

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