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Thu Aug 10 12:57:22 CEST 2006

Hi Martin,

> > We now have opened several topics:
> >
> > 1. privacy flag

This issue has been discussed in depth. So far the only suggestion of any
value is the encryption option and this is not saying a lot.

> > 2. imap folder name translation

All the default folders are already translated by the clients based on the
Kolab XML annotation. What other folders do you want to translate? Also what
process will be doing the translation, client, server, user or

> > 3. priority specification

The issue was last left at the loss of priority when it hits a Outlook
object. I am still waiting for a response as to what loss will be

> > 4. recurrances

The recurrence is a big and ugly monster. There are a number of factors that
limits what can be done with recurrences. 

Firstly the Outlook recurrence object changes from version to version as do
the support for what recurrences are supported. So you can only define so
many recurrence rules until you need to create new objects. Outlook 2000
supports less than Outlook 2003 and I am sure that Outlook 2007 will bring
brand new complications to this issue.

Secondly due to the nature of recurrences and exceptions, the definition of
rules can become very complicated. It will take a lot of effort to define
the rules and then some more to make them work with all the clients.

> Proposed solution:
> allow not only for one event tag in the 
> application/x-vnd.kolab.event but an 
> ordered list of multiple events.

So from what I understand you want to have one object on the client and
multiple objects on the server. They are then all linked via the
application/x-vnd.kolab.event tag set on each of the objects on the server.
I can only assume that all the objects will be in the same folder and that
each object will have to contain the tags of all the other related objects.

Could you please provide the synchronization logic for this scheme between
the client and the server.

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