[Kolab-devel] Problems with Cyrus and Folder Names

Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Thu Mar 31 11:10:57 CEST 2005

Hi Martin,

> > I think this is a maildir issue and the characters are 
> limited to what 
> > can be saved on the file system.
> >
> > As some of these characters are part of the fixed names in 
> Outlook I 
> > need to make provision for them.
> Firstly we need a list of the problematic characters. Then we 
> can check with the IMAP RFCs and the Cyrus implementation.

This may change from file system type to file system type used. So
determining the full range of problem characters can be time consuming and
error prone.
> I personally would prefer a solution which could be 
> implemented on the server.

Yes I would like it also, but we need a workable solution that will be
accepted and implemented by the Cyrus developers.

The ANNOTATEMORE patch was submitted almost a year ago and it still has not
been incorporated into the main server. We can continue to customize Cyrus,
but at some stage the gulf between the customized version and the main
stream version will become to big to maintain.

Best regards

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