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Martin Konold martin.konold at
Wed Jun 15 16:35:39 CEST 2005

Am Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2005 14:14 schrieb Steffen Hansen:

Hi Steffen,

> The API of Net_IMAP is much cleaner than c-client and I am not too happy
> about modifying all our code to using the c-client functions in php.

As you know the c-client library is a standard binding of php. The patch to 
the c-client is already in our cvs and will be included in an upcoming 
release of c-client (the principal author of uw imap likes the code)

In addition I just added the following three patches to cvs which offer in 
total four new php functions as required for any kolab client including the 
pfb script.


> Maybe it's a better idea to fix the issues with Net_IMAP's parser
> instead of waiting for new features in the imap c-client library to be
> exposed through php (could take quite a while unless we maintain all
> patches ourselves).

Yes as in many cases we require to temporarily maintain our own patches. It is 
then our duty to try our best in getting them accepted upstream. In my 
experience this worked out well sofar.

> > In addition I took some time to look into the long proposed chaching
> > of <IMAP-UID,ICAL-UID> and <ICAL-UID,list of FB tuples).
> This, I agree, will result in a serious performance gain. But please
> consider all cases when implementing it. The databases need to me kept
> per-folder and invalidated with UIDValidity changes etc. -- just like a
> dimap client.

Yes, I am aware of these issues as hopefully any Kolab client is ;-)

Later I will offer a new implementation which already contains the caching and 

-- martin

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