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David Faure dfaure at
Tue Jul 26 14:31:41 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 26 July 2005 13:46, Martin Konold wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to commit the following change. Please comment asap.
> diff -a -u -r1.7 folders.sgml
> --- folders.sgml        7 Oct 2004 16:07:30 -0000       1.7
> +++ folders.sgml        26 Jul 2005 11:45:15 -0000
> @@ -11,11 +11,13 @@
>  (i.e. folder name encoding is by RFC 3501).</para>
>  <para>The INBOX is the default inbox of the user. The user can not
> -change this default. The IMAP resource folders (one for events,
> -one for contacts etc. ) are subfolders of the INBOX, and this location can
> -not be set by the user.</para>
> +change this default. The account specific personal IMAP resource folders
> +are subfolders of the INBOX, and this location cannot be set by the user. 
> There are exactly
> +one default resource folder of each type which means
> +one default calendar, one default contact folder, one default folder for 
> notes,
> +a single default folder for tasks and last but not least one default folder 
> for a journal.</para>

An unnumbered list would be easier to read than " A,B,C,D and least but not least E"
(a phrase that doesn't really make sense here).

> -<para>We will annotate all folders with an entry /vendor/kolab/folder-type
> +<para>All folder MUST be annotated with an entry /vendor/kolab/folder-type
s/All folder/All folders/

> -<para>For other types of folders supported by the clients, these
> +<para>There MUST NOT be two folders of a single type haveing the default 

> subtype. E.g. it
> +is forbidden to have two folders of the type calendar with the subtype 
> default within one Kolab
> +mailbox.</para>
You mean within one Kolab account, no?

> +<para>For other client specific non standardized types of folders
s/client specific/client-specific/

> supported by the clients,
should be removed, if it's client-specific it's obviously supported by the clients ;)

> -<para>We will use "application/x-vnd.kolab.<type>" as the
> -mimetype for the emails used for storage.</para>
> +<para>The mimetype of the messages stored on the Kolab server is 
> "application/x-vnd.kolab.<type>".</para>


> -<para>The annotation must be set on creation, and can not be
> -changed. For folders created with other IMAP clients, annotations must
> +<para>The annotation must be set on creation, and cannot be altered 
> afterwards.

> Clients can rely upon 
> +unaltered annotations as long as the UIDVALIDITY of the folder is not 
> changed.
?!?!?!? If you can't change the annotation, you can't change it. Ever.
Unrelated to UIDVALIDITY.

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