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Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Fri Jan 28 06:12:51 CET 2005

Hi Martin,

> Can we come forward with this topic. I really think that 
> going with headers is much cleaner as it allows 
> interoperability with future kontact versions. E.g. 
> the importance or the reply-date are imho nice features which 
> can benefit the user in cross platform usage szenarios. (E.g 
> a shared folder for a helpdesk)
> - entryid
> - reply-date
> - sent-date
> - sent-representing
> - received representing.

Either the fields are already defined my RFC2822 or are of no relevance to
the RFC2822/IMAP4 storage.

The following field are not defined and will greatly enhance

> - importance (richer than the plain imap flag)

Importance = "x-kolab-importance" ":" "low" | "normal" | "high"

- follow-up ( flagged to follow-up )

Follow-up = "x-kolab-follow-up" ":" "red" | "blue" | "yellow" | "green" |
"orange" | "purple" | "completed"

Follow-up-due = "x-kolab-follow-up-due" ":" RFC2822-date-time ; this must be
local time with zone information

In the Follow-up production any color can be interpreted as a value of true
by non-color supporting clients. When non-color supporting clients want to
indicated that the Follow-up is set they must use a value of "Red" or

Follow-up-due can not be defined when Follow-up is set to "completed".

Sorry about the EBNF, but it has been a while. :)

The issue I am trying to address with the attachment is custom fields
created by custom plug-ins in Outlook. The preservation of this information
is of the great importance for interoperability between two Outlook clients.

Best regards

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