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Hi Bernhard,

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> I still would like to only have the custom data to save space.
> Currently I would prefer having it in a X-Toltec-something 
> header base64 encoded header, but then again this is only my 
> limited knowledge on the subject.
> Joon: Does something speak against using such a header?
> It might eben be easier for some tasks? Like searching for flags?

The length of the header and the number of headers may present a problem.
Firstly only a few of the properties are more than 20 bytes, but the larger
once can be massive which might choke some clients. There is no actual
length limit on a header field, but it could be tricky. Secondly it can add
a large number of headers to the e-mail.

Adding the attachment is much cleaner, but adding headers is an option. What
do you perceive are the problems of adding an attachment to the mail

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