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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Jan 10 17:12:13 CET 2005

On Monday 10 January 2005 09:10, Joon Radley wrote:
> While working on the RFC2822 translation we ran into a problem where we
> sometimes loose critical data that cannot be saved during the translation
> process. The data is encapsulated in custom properties in the OL object. To
> resolve the issue we intend to add a attachment like the infamous
> "winmail.dat" to each email stored on the server.

Wouldn't it be possible to add another tag to the kolab-xml object
that is Toltec or OL specific.

> What I would like to discuss is what we will put in the attachment.
> We can put a complete TNEF object like winmail.dat in the attachment. This
> will allow other OL clients to use the same data, but this will also double
> the space needed on the server for the email. As normal mail objects are by
> far the largest disk space user on a server, the impact would be
> considerable.
> The other option is to put custom data into the attachment that can only be
> used by our product. This will save some space, but nobody else can use it.
> Comments please.

I would consider the custom data 
and in an XML tag if possible.
Of course the more documentation we can have for that custom data,
the better.
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