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Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Tue Feb 1 02:39:17 CET 2005

Am Freitag, 28. Januar 2005 06:12 schrieben Sie:

Hi Joon,

> The following field are not defined and will greatly enhance
> interoperability:
> > - importance (richer than the plain imap flag)
> Importance = "x-kolab-importance" ":" "low" | "normal" | "high"

I am assuming that OL >= 2K is happy with these three vlaues?

> - follow-up ( flagged to follow-up )
> Follow-up = "x-kolab-follow-up" ":" "red" | "blue" | "yellow" | "green" |
> "orange" | "purple" | "completed"

In the XML-Format document we use html like colour encodings. What about using 
these instead of the names?

> Follow-up-due = "x-kolab-follow-up-due" ":" RFC2822-date-time ; this must
> be local time with zone information

Fine with me but why not UTC + time zone information?

(I am thinking about public folders shared across time zones)

> In the Follow-up production any color can be interpreted as a value of true
> by non-color supporting clients. When non-color supporting clients want to
> indicated that the Follow-up is set they must use a value of "Red" or
> "Completed".

Sorry, I don't understand this part.

> Follow-up-due can not be defined when Follow-up is set to "completed".

IMHO this is semantical.

> Sorry about the EBNF, but it has been a while. :)

EBNF is fine for our purpose ;-)

> The issue I am trying to address with the attachment is custom fields
> created by custom plug-ins in Outlook. The preservation of this information
> is of the great importance for interoperability between two Outlook
> clients.

Ahh, now I see the point. These custom fields are only interesting for OL 
clients and they are not useful for cross platform clients. 

IMHO in this case these custom fields may be stored in some opaque manner. 

But imho an additional complete winmail.dat tnef attachment significantly 
increases the size of the message. 

What about avoiding some redundancy?

-- martin

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