Handling of private/confidential groupware objects

Bernhard Reiter bernhard.reiter at intevation.de
Thu Dec 8 12:53:16 CET 2005

Hi Martin,

Am Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2005 16:55 schrieb Martin Konold:
> Am Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2005 16:30 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:

> > In Martin's example, one extra calendar would be enough,
> > as this is only access control to one person (the user).
> It would be one extra "hidden" folder for _every_ calendar folder which
> contains at least one of those private entries.
> > Because all users have calendar folder, one named private
> > for each of them is enough.
> No, using one private folder for all private data would be bad. It would
> require mangling and demangling....

Yes, but one for each of those.
I only tried to clarify this, as I was not sure if Helge got the idea.

> > But, as you can see from my other email, you might need more combinations
> > of folders.
> Please elaborate this. I sofar do not understand this point

Let us say there are users A,B,C,D,E
and userA wants one appointment to be accessible to 
another for A,  another for A,B,D
and so on.
So in the worst case, you end up with a number of folders
for each combination. In practice you will have a few combinations
A,B,D are in project group 15 ans B is A's secretary and so on.

If we allow one extra private folder per calendar folder,
we make it less intuitive for the users,
which have to grasp the access control for several folders


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