Timezone needed?

Joon Radley joon at radleys.co.za
Wed Jun 30 06:54:45 CEST 2004

Hi Bernhard

> I guess it is not necessary to completey use the XML format 
> to show the principal question, pseude code should do it.
> Recurring event, saved as:
> 	Subject: Team gathering
> 	Recurring: Every first monday
>         Time: 9:30  Timezone: Europe/Berlin
> So the client know that this is 8:30 UTC in January and 7:30 
> UTC in July and will show the appointments there.

I actualy want to see how you will encapsulate the information into data
that I can parse.

In pseude code UTC will work like this

Recurring event, saved as:
	Subject: Team gathering
	Recurring: Every first monday
        Time: 7:30 UTC
The client will translate from UTC to local time (OS knowing about daylight
savings time) and display the appointment as 9:30 (Europe/Berlin )in January
and 9:30 (Europe/Berlin) in July.

You are looking from the point of view that when daylight savings time kicks
in the definition of UTC changes. UTC does not change, your time _zone_
changes and this will reflect when you translate from UTC to local time.

UTC is always the same for everybody all the time.

> > > Also please show me how this must be handled if the 
> appointment is 
> > > created in another time zone for this example. (E.g The CEO makes 
> > > the entry while in South Africa (using the CAT as local time), to 
> > > reoccur in Germany (using CET with and without daylight 
> savings) on 
> > > his return )
> RFC2445 nicely descripes that floating times can have its 
> uses, too, but this is outside of my remark. I also believe 
> that floating times can become a hassle in implementing and 
> showing the user something useful.
> Above I am using a time and date with a  timezone which is 
> fixed for each recurring event. When creating the event, the 
> CEO decides in which timezone he thinks. If he makes the 
> event in Africa/Johannesburg that means this is 7:30 UTC in 
> January and July leading up to his client showing him 8:30 in 
> January and 9:30 in July when being in Europe/Berlin.
> > Another thing: Since none of the clients support actually 
> doing this, 
> > I think it's pretty theoretical.
> What does Kontact do currently, if we create such an event?
> Bernhard

So basically you would like to move the resposibility of translation from
stored date to local time away from the operating system to the mail client.


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