Event UID in the Subject?

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Jul 14 12:41:04 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 14 July 2004 09:50, Stuart K. Bingë wrote:
> On Tuesday, 13 July 2004 20:57, Martin Konold wrote:
> > Last but not least I can show that in the common case the approach with
> > the search is slower and needs more resource for both the (web)client and
> > the server. In the end this leads to a less optimal user experience while
> > wasting computing resources.
> I'd like to see this, if possible. Especially the part about needing more
> resources for the webclient. If you can present a viable argument for this
> then I will definitely consider changing my methods.

I think I have described this in detail in my email from yesterday 18:37
Message-Id: <200407131837.47538.bernhard at intevation.de>.
Did you see that message?

> Yes that is essentially the main algorithm. Please, I'd love to hear your
> counter-arguments - you see very adverse to having the UID in the Subject,
> so I assume you have some valid arguments against the scheme.

In short: Trying the imap uid first will save the search in most cases 
(my estimation: 98%). You only need to save one additional value per
event to use that improvement. 

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