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Stuart K. Bingë omicron-list at mighty.co.za
Mon Jul 12 15:40:00 CEST 2004

On Monday, 12 July 2004 15:20, Joon Radley wrote:
> > To get back on track - couldn't you add the appropriate
> > header when deleting the object?
> A question from the other side, is it that big a hassle to add it to every
> message?

It's not a problem for me to add this, if it'll make your life easier.

Related to headers - is the Subject line currently being used for anything 
critical, in both your work and the Kontact objects?

Why I ask is to see if we could specify Subject as mirroring the <uid> value 
of the corresponding xml object, as this would help the Horde code immensely.

There are essentially two steps to loading a message in Horde - one to obtain 
a list of all the relevant messages when opening one of the applications, and 
another when a specific object is clicked on and detailed information about 
it needs to be retrieved.

Due to the discontinuity of web-based applications this process entails two 
IMAP passes for me - on the second run I do however know the UID of the 
object that needs to be loaded, and it would really be ideal to just do an 
IMAP search with SUBJECT "uid" to quickly find the appropriate email. This 
then gains any performance enhancements offered by Cyrus such as header 
cacheing, etc.

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