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Bo Thorsen bo at klaralvdalens-datakonsult.se
Mon Aug 16 13:52:50 CEST 2004

On Saturday 14 August 2004 12:37, Joon Radley wrote:
> Hi,
> We need to clarify the following in the specification:
> 1) <start-date>, according to the spec this is not required, but as in
> the case of journals, events must have a start date.

I agree.

> 2) We need a field for an all day event. Originally it was suggested
> that a all day event is defined when there is no <end-date> field. On
> my side I can have both a "all day event" and a end date other than the
> start date. This is for all day events that span a number of days.
> Ideas?

libkcal (the library implementing iCalendar for kdepim) has a "floating" 
flag for this use. And David made a note in the event format 
implementation that floating events are not supported.

I see two ways to fix this, a setting on the start-date or a separate tag:

<start-date type="all-day">...



I would very much prefer the first one. Should I add this to the 

> 3) <color-label>, the information regarding this was forwarded a while
> back. Should I mail it again?

I have the list here:

The color-lable values:
#FFFFFF - None
#FF9484 - Important
#849CE7 - Business
#A5DE63 - Personal
#E7E7D6 - Vacation
#FFB573 - Must Attend
#84EFF7 - Travel Required
#D6CE84 - Needs Preparation
#C6A5F7 - Birthday
#A5CEC6 - Anniversary
#FFE773 - Phone Call

Now, I'm not really sure what we should do about it in the specification. 
Maybe you could add some text describing the concept?



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