[Kolab-devel] some toughts regarding owncloud integration

Mihai Badici mihai at badici.ro
Mon Feb 26 15:18:13 CET 2018

> May I ask you, how you achieved integration? I knew the seafile chwala
> connector but haven't seen one for owncloud/nextcloud. The only thing I
> know is that the old owncloud plugin for roundcube didn't work anymore
> since oc 6.
> Cheers
> Jan
I don't remember how the old owncloud plugin worked; there are also some
new plugins but IMHO are completely useless: it worth nothing to list
files in roundcube since you can list them in owncloud itself :)
The ideea is to have the posibility to attach them and send them to your
So my approach was: owncloud is a webdav application so I used the
webdav driver in chwala.

The relevant lines in chwala config are as following:

$config['fileapi_drivers'] = array( 'webdav');

 $config['fileapi_sources'] = array(
    'cloud-files' => array(
        'driver'   => 'webdav',
        'baseuri'  => 'https://cloud.mydomain.ro/remote.php/webdav/',
//        'username' => 'admin',
//        'password' => 'pass',

$config['fileapi_webdav_baseuri'] = 'https://cloud.mydomain.ro/';

Since the list is directly provided in roundcube wia chwala, there is no
need to change something in roundcube kolab_file plugin.

ATM there is an issue when trying to attach files with render plugins in
chwala ( .doc , .odt , .pdf) I didn't have time to investigate but it
works for any other type.

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