[Kolab-devel] Patch for Cyrus ptloader for multi domain setup

Timotheus Pokorra pokorra.mailinglists at tbits.net
Mon Feb 12 18:00:24 CET 2018

Hello Jeroen,

I have worked in the past days on improvements of ptloader for multi 
domain setup, building on your work described in [1].

We have had the additional requirement that we want users to be able to 
login with just their UID.
If I understand right, this was not possible with the current ptloader 

My approach is, if there is no domain component in the canon_id, to go 
through all domains listed in domain_base_dn (usually 
Then search for the canon_id in each domain. If we get an unique match, 
we use that domain as the base.
On the other hand, perhaps I should stop at the first occurance, to 
speed up things.
I have another patch [4] that makes sure that no duplicate UIDs are 
created across domains.

If you would have time and fun to have a look at this patch for Cyrus 
ptloader [2], that would be highly appreciated.
My knowledge of C is quite rusty.
It works in my initial tests, but I don't have it in production yet.

By the way, I wonder if there is a side-effect in [3]? It sets the 
ptsm->base although that is not really needed, but that has effects on 
future requests, because the base is now set instead of dc=%1,dc=%2. 
Perhaps that just confused me when testing things, and is no real issue 
at all?

Thank you, and all the best,


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