[Kolab-devel] Debian 9.0 in Winterfell

Jochen Hein jochen at jochen.org
Wed Jun 21 00:07:40 CEST 2017

Christoph Erhardt <christoph.erhardt at sicherha.de> writes:

> I suppose most of the problems you observed (e.g. the Boost dependency) are 
> easily fixed by using dedicated Debian 9.0 builds from OBS.

Yes, that's what I think...

> Can you tell which package has the dependency on php{5,}-enchant? This should 
> be an easy fix; perhaps it's already in Winterfell.

I configured roundcube locally to provide spellcheck with enchant, so I
need to install the needed packages (and I guess the change to php7 lost
it). So nothing that kolab could do about that - it reminded me that and
why I changed it from the default.

> I wonder if we can resort to the distro-provided Sabre packages on Debian 9 
> instead of using Kolab's bundled ones. The fewer own packages we have to 
> maintain, the better.

>From the release numbers there shouldn't be big problems.  But that's
something to try...


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