[Kolab-devel] current dev state

hede kolab983 at der-he.de
Thu Jun 8 22:15:30 CEST 2017

Hi Christoph.

Am Thu, 08 Jun 2017 12:18:19 +0200 schrieb Christoph Erhardt <christoph.erhardt at sicherha.de>:

> php-kolab and php-kolabformat have changed the priority of their .ini files, 
> but did not remove the respective old symlinks. For instance, now both 20-
> kolab.ini (old) and 31-kolab.ini (new) are lying around, causing the logs to 
> be spammed with "PHP Warning: Module already loaded".

Not fine, but a minor issue I think. 

> In the irony package, the Apache configuration file got renamed from 
> iRony.conf to irony.conf (accidentally?), causing a dangling symlink in 
> "sites-enabled".


> Oh, it looks like the two of us have been ploughing the same field! Perhaps 
> it's a good idea if you take a look at my branch at https://obs.kolabsys.com/
> project/show/home:sicherha:branches:Kolab:Winterfell so we don't accidentally 
> do the same work twice.

That's the reason for writing here. :-D
Indeed we have done some same work. However, there's still a lesson learnt ... and nothing else matters.
> I was able to solve that problem by adding a build dependency on erlang (which 
> pulls in erlang-crypto).

> That's a valid point. I have to admit that I'm not really familiar with Erlang 
> either, so I don't feel qualified to answer that question (without trying it 
> out, that is).
> If it were indeed possible to keep using the distro-provided rebar 2 for now 
> (even though upstream says that version "is deprecated and will receive only 
> bug fixes" [1]), that would reduce the packaging and maintenance effort for 
> us. I think it's a good idea to stay as close to the distribution as possible 
> and keep the number of extra packages low that we have to drag along.

That's a good point. It gets bug fixes and wont change much. Perfect for packaging. 

But I think developers will slide in at this point. rebar3 brings fancy output coloring -> things people love. ;-)

And that's the other point: developers is what matters here. If rebar3 is the future for them, then we'll better get it running, I think. 

I've made a list of missing parts:

guam RH.spec deps:           -> Debian package name, kolab with user-repo
erlang >= 17.4               -> erlang
erlang-asn1                  -> erlang-asn1
erlang-common_test           -> erlang-common-test
erlang-compiler              -> erlang-base
erlang-crypto                -> erlang-crypto
erlang-debugger              -> erlang-debugger
erlang-eimap >= 0.3.0        -> kolab (partly done, newer one needs rebar3)
erlang-erts                  -> erlang-base
erlang-et                    -> erlang-et
erlang-goldrush >= 0.1.8     -> erlang-goldrush
erlang-kernel                -> erlang-base
erlang-lager >= 3.1.0        -> erlang-lager
erlang-lager_syslog >= 2.0.3 -> kolab (DONE, winterfell)
erlang-mnesia                -> erlang-mnesia
erlang-observer              -> erlang-observer
erlang-public_key            -> erlang-public-key
erlang-rebar3 >= 3.3.2       -> kolab (TODO)
erlang-rpm-macros            -> dh-rebar
erlang-runtime_tools         -> erlang-runtime-tools
erlang-sasl                  -> erlang-base
erlang-snmp                  -> erlang-snmp
erlang-ssh                   -> erlang-ssh
erlang-ssl                   -> erlang-ssl
erlang-stdlib                -> erlang-base
erlang-syntax_tools          -> erlang-syntax-tools
erlang-syslog >= 1.0.3       -> kolab (DONE, winterfell)
erlang-tools                 -> erlang-tools
erlang-wx                    -> erlang-wx
erlang-xmerl                 -> erlang-xmerl

rebar3 deps:
erlang-rpm-macros                   -> dh-rebar
erlang-rebar >= 2.6.1               -> rebar
erlang-erlware_commons >= 0.18.0    -> kolab (DONE, sicherha)
erlang-bbmustache >= 1.0.4          -> kolab (DONE, sicherha)
erlang-certifi >= 0.4.0             -> kolab (DONE, sicherha)
erlang-providers >= 1.6.0           -> kolab (DONE, sicherha)
erlang-relx >= 3.17.0               -> kolab (TODO)
erlang-cf >= 0.2.0                  -> kolab (DONE, sicherha)
erlang-eunit_formatters >= 0.3.1    -> kolab (DONE, sicherha)
erlang-cth_readable >= 1.2.2        -> kolab (DONE, hede/sicherha)
erlang-getopt >= 0.8.2              -> erlang-getopt
erlang-ssl_verify_hostname >= 1.0.5 -> kolab (DONE, hede)
erlang-ssl_verify_fun >= 1.1.1      -> kolab (DONE, hede/sicherha)
erlang-public_key                   -> erlang-public-key

... there's only one missing for rebar3: erlang-relx
and rebar3 is the only one missing for guam. 

I'll take a look at it within the next hours. 

So much for the compiling task. Next big hurdle will be the functionality checks i.e. package bugfixing. 


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