[Kolab-devel] change userdata (Organization, Job Title, Address, Password) via php

Matthias Busch catwiesel at gmx.net
Mon Mar 9 23:48:59 CET 2015

okay, I made some progress...

I can get most information out of ldap and can write information back to 
I also figured out how to create a ssha1 PW and write it to ldap

what I do not understand is how I get the following information:

- mailQuota
- mailAlternateAddress
- postalCode
- telephoneNumber
- preferredLanguage

apache shows undefined index errors:
[error] [client 192...] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: mailQuota in 
/var/www/ldap/auth.php on line 49, referer:

As far as I can see, it should work. There is no typo and I am pulling 
that information exactly the same way as the other, working, information 
(like cn or sn)

viewing the ldap information in kolab-webadmin with Directory Manager or 
LDAP Admin (as user) I can verify that the fields are not empty. 
telephoneNumber for example is "12345"

see excerpt with relevant code at http://pastebin.com/kRKJR7Sp

anyone know what I am or might be missing?


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