[Kolab-devel] change userdata (Organization, Job Title, Address, Password) via php

Matthias Busch catwiesel at gmx.net
Sun Mar 8 23:14:13 CET 2015


I am looking for information about where and how the userdata like 
Organization or Job Title or the Address and the password is saved.

looking at mysql I see the database kolab and show tables gives me the 
impression that in mysql no actual userdata will be found?

looking at ldap (and I am not really well versed at ldap) I see 
ou=People with my users and information like
O, title, I, mailAlternateAddress, mobile, pager, 

So I am guessing I dont need to touch mysql...

So I need to figure out how to read and write to ldap with php and 
change what I want... Short google gives me some hits about ldap_modify. 
I just put in my information (dc and ldap pw) and can modify the values?
(can a user modify his own information or do I need to use ldap admin pw?)

about the password. this I dont see. And how is it saved/hashed?
I am sure I should write/select the correct hash when modifying 

I will not (let someone) touch the uid, actual email addresses and the 
other stuff that may break when changed...

I know that users can change their password in webmail and if I remember 
correctly kolab-users can login in web admin to change their data too.
However, I do use the usertype "contact" for xmpp (only!) users and 
those can not login to webmail or web admin (which I like).
Also, the fewer people I have to teach to use the webadmin the better. a 
small website that asks for uid and pw and lets you view/edit those few 
fields will be much better...

I will be sharing the code of this if I get it to work. might be usefull 
for someone else out there...

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