[Kolab-devel] Changing the primary email address via webadmin - and its implications

Daniel Hoffend dh at dotlan.net
Thu Mar 5 16:34:19 CET 2015

Hello Thomas

>Before filing tickets against various components of Kolab I'd first 
>like learn about the intended behavior in case the user name (and with 
>it the primary email address) is changed. Should this really rename the 
>mailbox in IMAP? Apparently it should. In pykolab, there's 
>imap.user_mailbox_rename() which is called by kolabd. Fair enough, 
>although it reports an error. But is this operation also supposed to 
>rename all other mailboxes recursively? I didn't dig into the cyruslib 
>codebase which executes this change.
Yes. Afaik you must rename the users mailbox because postfix is looking 
up the primary mail address and then delivers the email to the primary 
mail address using lmtp.

I guess that you need to renamed all the subfolders to make them 
accessible again, otherwise they're stuff somewhere. Additionally the 
ACLs would wrong. Without renaming/fixing the folders the ACL would 
point to the old primary mail address and cyrus will then deny access to 
your old stuff.

In the case you decide not to rename the mailbox you must at least fix 
the ACL ... so IMO you don't have any other change rather then rename 
the whole mailbox including all subfolders. Everything else would just 
create more problems and causes confusion amongs the end users who don't 
understand why their stuff got not migrated or what else.

>And shouldn't old email addresses be kept as secondary mails? In LDAP, 
>all the old addresses are gone:
Well ... I would leave this optional to the administrator. Automatically 
adding an old primary address as secondary would only make sense in 
scenarios where the receipient_policy has been enforced (which is not 
always the case). Just imagine the fact that someone would change the 
primary adress (due to a typo or what else) and you automatically add it 
back as secondary. You then would have to edit it again. Not sure it 
that would be helpful for the autogenation. But for them moment I would 
vote with a "no auto-adding".

Hope that helps

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