[Kolab-devel] Kolab Sys's KDE PIM enterprise and Kubuntu

Sandro Knauß knauss at kolabsys.com
Mon Nov 24 15:29:08 CET 2014


> > Almost all but not quite everyone agrees that KDE PIM should be renamed to
> > Kontact.
> I dissagree. KDE PIM is (or can be) used for a lot more than just Kontact. I
> don't think that a set of libraries and applications should be renamed to
> the main application (application collection) that uses it.

if there is a discussion to rename kdepim, than this is done upstream inside 
the kdepim community. So this should be happen at kde-pim at kde.org.

> I think that Kolab should become a KDE project
> I thought it was a KDE project.

No kolab is not a KDE project ( see http://kolab.org ).

> There already are packages for Debian and AFAIK also for Ubuntu for the
> Kolab server. They have their own ppas for this. Instructions on the Kolab
> Groupware site.

Yes there are packages form kolab directly but actully they conflict with 
packages inside debian/ubuntu. So if some user install the packages from their 
distribution and than switch to the kolab ppa, than it can break your kolab 
server. That's why there should be also an discussion about how to package the 
kolab server to make user experience better.

I'm really looking forward to be able to ship packages that are built the same 
way on all sources.



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