[Kolab-devel] Kolab Sys's KDE PIM enterprise and Kubuntu

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Sat Nov 22 17:26:22 CET 2014

Kolab Sys have branches of KDE PIM 4.13 used by their customers called
"enterprise".  Currently they package this through Fedora packages with
debian/rules added on top.

They want to get these branches upstream in KDE and would like them
packaged in a PPA for everyone's sanity.

Kubuntu should be able to make branches in debian git for them and Kubuntu
CI should be able to build these and throw them into a
kubuntu-ppa/kdepim-enterprise PPA for precise (12.04) and maybe 14.04.
This way everyone is kept sane.

For KF5 KDE PIM, Kolab Sys hope to keep their branches as a long term
support branch upstream in KDE.

Almost all but not quite everyone agrees that KDE PIM should be renamed to

I think that Kolab should become a KDE project but may need more poking to
make it happen.

Kolab server packages in Debian/Kubuntu is a whole different and more
complex topic but would still be nice to have.

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